Natural Farming

Big India Farms (BIF) aims to create 5000+ acres of natural farms that will produce best quality food products and offer them directly to consumers and families across India through our distribution network.
It takes us more than 5 years to create a natural forest ecosystem – one that produces pure mono-floral honey, moringa, pulses, millets, ginger and turmeric, fruits like Mango, Papaya, Guava, Custard Apple, vegetables from Cherry Tomatoes to Okra, Lentils/Dals, free roaming wild chicken, herbs, medicinal plants and much more. We are currently managing 1000+ acres at various stages of their growth.
Forest-Farm methodology:
We grow flora and fauna in layers, maximizing the use of each square foot and sunlight and water resources.
  • First (topmost) Layer: Large Trees like Neem, Morninga, Subabul, Gooler, Teak, Mango, Mahua, Indian Gooseberry, Chakrota (pomelo), Kadamba, Mulberry, Giloy, etc
  • Second Layer: Papaya, Lemon, Sweet Lime, Custard Apple, Cheeku/Sapota, Guavas, and many such trees
  • Third Layer: Toor (arhar dal), Urad, Mustard, Suran, Millets like Kodu/kutku/sama
  • Fourth Layer: Ginger, Turmeric and similar structure plants, medicinal herbs, and other vegetables like Cherry tomatoes, Okra, Brinjals etc.
  • Fifth Layer: Vettiver, Alfaalfa, Lemongrass, Aloe vera, Safed Musli
  • Sixth Layer: Free roaming Poultry
  • Seventh Layer: Goats and Cows
  • Eight  Layer: Honey bees: Pristine Mono floral Honeys available: Mango honey, Moringa Honey, Neem Honey, and many other varieties
  • Isolated Ninth Layer: Silkworms and similar insects
  • Isolated Tenth Layer: Water based Kamal Kadki, Fishes
Please see our model farm video:
As part of our long term growth strategy in India we are building a consumer network that relishes and stays healthy with our natural grown products, and a modern food supply chain that will include modern food processing technology and cold storage capabilities.
Our natural farming produces pristine, high quality food products. Our products include many varieties of mono-floral honey (moringa, mahua, mango, etc), our forest farm bred free roaming wild chicken, forest millets, lemons, papaya, moringa, and cherry tomatoes, okra, brinjals, giloy, neem, vettiver, silkworms, mulberries, toor, ginger, turmeric and many, many such products.
These food products grow in our 2000+ acres natural forests, grown by us since 2005. Much superior to any commercially grown, organic, or packaged food, these are the true gifts of Mother Nature. We recommend these foods to be consumed without addition of any processing or flavor or preservative chemicals, and are sent from our farms in pristine form.
We have multiple food forests, each having a different nature of its own (Aranya, Vanya, Madhu-van, Sheetal-van, and many other forests). Please see this page: Aranyaani Food Forests
To order food products from our natural farms, please see this page: Aranyaani Food Packages
We are constantly working to increase the variety of natural/organic foods in our farms. Please see this page: Food Products from BIF
You are welcome to contact us with your questions. Thanks.

Big India Farms (BIF) is a farming and food supply chain company in India.