Big India Farms (BIF) is a group company of 7Avenues, which has ventures in Natural Farming, Food Supply Chain, and Food Forest Development.
Big India Farms (BIF) aims to play a key role in food supply and food security for India. Agriculture in India is a highly fragmented, without economies of scale and is often a laggard in using the latest technologies related to inputs like seeds,nutrition, harvesting. However, latest technology is needed for best gains in farming.
Because of minimal/non-existent water harvesting, there is heavy dependency on monsoons every year, which creates large fluctuations in the crop supplies year-to-year. In addition, about 25% of India’s food production is wasted during logistics and storage. Therefore, there is a serious need to increase food production through better organized farming practices, and reduce wastage through better supply chain practices. We also have experience with cold storages, and will move further on that front in the coming years, after we execute our planned roadmap for increasing the farm land under management.
Sandeep Saxena, Managing Director, has a passion for farm development to produce better farm yields, and to create food supply chain efficiencies. He has worked with leading companies like Indian Oil, Infosys, Cogizant, Amex, Franklin Templeton in senior positions. He emphasizes innovation, and has indepth understanding of retail, supply chain, real estate and financial industries. He is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and IIM Lucknow.
Our team includes professionals with expertise in farming, mandi operations, law and finance.
We also have a farmer network who rely on us for inputs on seed selection, choice of fertilizers, farming equipment, etc and these network farmers are also ready sellers of crop to us if we want to procure more food for the retail stores.
Today, we have access to over 1500 acres of farm land and we are still in the early stages. Over the next 5 years, we aim to have 10,000 acres of farm land under management. You can also benefit by investing in our farm land. See this page: Farm Land for Sale in India

Big India Farms (BIF) is a farming and food supply chain company in India.