Welcome to Big India Farms (BIF). We are a natural farming company in India, with end to end expertise in natural farming, including forest/plantation development, agriculture and supply of agricultural products, like millets, food grains, pulses, fruits, vegetables, honey, eggs, poultry, and medicinal herbs. We are currently managing 2000+ acres.
Our vision is to bring pristine, unadulterated and most healthy food products directly to the consumers. It takes us more than 5 years to create a natural farm ecosystem – one that produces pure mono-floral honey, moringa, pulses, millets, ginger and turmeric, fruits from Alphonso Mango to Custard Apple, vegetables from Cherry tomatoes to pure Okra and Brinjals, free roaming wild chicken, herbs, medicinal plants and much more.
It takes one visit to our farms and savoring of pristine foods to realize the health benefits of naturally forest grown foods. It takes us many years to create a sustainable eco system. Our vision is to create so many such eco-friendly farms over 5000+ acres, so that we can bring the products to lakhs of families.
Please see our model farm video (Aranyaani)
Here is another model farm (by our partner Vanya Farms)
We grow flora and fauna in layers, maximizing the use of each square foot and sunlight and water resources. Please see this page to learn more: Natural Farming and Forest-Farm methodology
As part of our long term growth strategy in India we are building a consumer network that relishes and stays healthy with our natural grown products, and a modern food supply chain that will include modern food processing technology and cold storage capabilities.
We believe in producing the most pristine, high quality food products. Our products include many varieties of mono-floral honey (moringa, mahua, mango, etc), our forest farm bred free roaming wild chicken, forest millets, lemons, papaya, moringa, and cherry tomatoes, okra, brinjals, giloy, neem, vettiver, silkworms, mulberries, toor, ginger, turmeric and many, many such products.
These food products grow in our 2000+ acres natural forests, grown by us since 2005. Much superior to any commercially grown, organic, or packaged food, these are the true gifts of Mother Nature. We recommend these foods to be consumed without addition of any processing or flavor or preservative chemicals, and are sent from our farms in pristine form.
We do not adulterate any of our foods with colors or preservatives or any chemicals for taste enhancement (all of which are common in most foods in the market today). And this imposes constraints on shelf life and year round availability. Needless to say, the demand for our products far outstrips what we can get from our farms.
We have multiple food forests, each having a different nature of its own (Aranya, Vanya, Madhu-van, Sheetal-van, and many other forests). Please see this page: Aranyaani Food Forests
To order food products from our natural farms, please see this page: Aranyaani Food Packages
How can you participate?
There is nothing like owning a parcel of agri forest that we create. Its a valuable long term asset.
Option A.  Become a Natural forest Farm owner: Individual Investors/Farm Owners can invest in lands along with our current farms, where we will create and manage the Natural farms. We manage and operate the farm under a specific farming agreement. We have 1700 acres of farm land under management today with 900 acres more in pipeline. Over the next 5 years, we aim to have 10,000+ acres of farms under management and we are adding new farm owners. You can also join us. Please contact us for more details. Thanks.
Option B.  Do you already have 100 acre plus farm land, and willing to give it us for long term for natural food farming? If yes, we can  have a discussion. Depending on the state laws and our ability to create the farm at the loction of your farm land, we shall enter into a binding contract for creation, management, and income sharing from the natural farm over long term, typically 15-30 years. Please contact us for more details. Thanks.
Please note that in every case, we will operate under tightly defined contractual agreements, where Big India Farms (BIF) manages your farm land for long term (typically 15 years), makes the necessary investments and takes the risks of growing organic food products, and shares the income/returns coming from your farm with you in a pre-defined ratio.
We are constantly working to increase the variety of 100% natural and organic foods in our farms. Please see this page to learn more: Organic Food Products from BIF
You are welcome to contact us with your questions, or if you want to join us as a Farm Owner. Thanks.

Big India Farms (BIF) is a farming and food supply chain company in India.