Update: June 30, 2017

Finally, monsoon has arrived in our areas, though it is still very scanty in Umaria and Kachnari.  Accordingly, we have updated the work schedule which is attached.
The monsoon round of plantation work should get over in Amarwara, Sohagpur, Shahpura, kachnari and Umaria in that order, and will now stretch till August mid or beyond.  Then the vegetable and papaya round in Amarwara and Sohagpur will start.
Then we get into regular maintenance and next year saplings.
Also the first truck from Guwahati and Matkuli have arrived today. Getting from Guwahati is such a pain, as their labor makes the life hell – they work well but have no regard for schedule or certainty. Hopefully, future years will be much dependency as learn to replicate those specific plants here.
Finally, we have a financial stretch that will hit us around July end. The reason is every day changing plan due to multiple factors. We will be 15 to 20 percent over the estimates. For now I will draw from the maintenance budget and postpone the crunch to later months.
For now , the pics are posted on FB links here. We will get the site pages ready in a week. Then update them every 2 weeks. Please note that we organize info/pics by specific land within a cluster.