Update: June 25, 2017


In my last update, we were rushing to meet the monsoon dates, and had problems of monsoon coming early.
Now its all upside down. Monsoon is ‘supposed’ to touch today, about 15 days later than the plan.
So we have major different problems now (old ones like neem saplings getting over):
1. The saplings cannot be moved to lands in hot and humid weather. They will die. So the transport is delayed to this or coming week. Also increased period means more mortality in nursery. Secondly, the nursery folks are upset that we have not moved the plants yet because their labor and transport also have a schedule that is getting upset. So either we pay twice for it or we lift them on schedule. I cant do the latter due to risk. So there will be more costs. Also, the loaders and carriers arranged ad hoc wont be as experts as the routine ones.
2. At our end, The labor contracts in large land parcels (above 40 acres) are from 26th to 6th. The contracts include holes+ plantation. But the plants cannot be moved in time now. The labor will dig holes on schedule, want payment and not wait for plants to come, as they have back to back contract work. So we pay again for plants. More than that, the planters wont be as professional and experts as them.
On the GAIN , I have a strong feeling that MP govt’s namami Narmada plantation is also in the same soup. There is already panic and sign of allowing their nursery plants to be given to private folks. In that case, we will be able to more than make up for plant mortality.
On the whole, it pressure time. Every 3 hours we rewrite the script.
For pics, please see the FB page (mine). Neetu is staggering them by location and making separate web pages, but that will take 2-3 weeks, as we on the filed are not able to give time to her to guide.