Update: June 1, 2017


Please see the attached sheet to see plant wise breakup. Using your location, one can calculate approximate going in each land. There will be upto 10% variations.
Also a calculator sheet is there. There are decisions pending on 2 land plant distribution -will take it up separately.
Further to the last mail, the update is that:
– Monsoon is expected 15 days earlier. Its going to put strain on toor work, and Neem and Bel saplings. Neem and bel are normally put in nursery bags in June mid. This time summer has been short and hot. Rest all is ready.
– There is severe shortage of some plants due to Narmada campaign. Teak is currently 0. Only 300 are there in our nurseries from previous year but they were blocked for specific work this year. Given that all ‘Teak’ only plantations look bleak. We will know only by July end if Govt releases some plants.
– Monsoon coming early will put undue strain on our credit flows, as everything will happen earlier than what I had sent just one week back. As sent in last sheet, we had 3 sources to raise amount for work – Our own amount , external debt, and landowner’s advance (paid to third parties). All 3 are slowly coming in at the moment. Some flows have been prompt, while some have delayed by a couple of weeks.
I am not going to reduce the work size , as monsoon time is critical and we lose a year.  But once all saplings, machinery and work is over, I will get minute to minute calls from creditors to settle the dues…so will switch off the cell and work remotely till cash flows materialize.
Apart from this new 500 acres plantation in privately owned lands as given in the sheet attached, we also have further in house work on previous years’ 300 acres , and about 800 acres in the Aranyaani’s tribal cooperative lands. In coming year , work should grow by 10 to 20x. So please pardon my one way communications for a while. I am in process of completely delegating this part of work by next month end, and focus on farm to consumer connect.