Update: Jun 15, 2017

As monsoon is a week away and plantation holes are underway, here is a preview of our monsoon ops:
– After having established large tree sapling nurseries last season and also running out of supply from forest farms, We are expanding first year plantation work from 100 acres last year to 700 acres this year. My wish was to expand by 2000 acres ( we have more than 5000 in pipeline) but have saplings financial and operational boundaries.
– To cover 700 acres we will need to plant about 2 lac saplings and 50k stems apart from toor seeding in 12 farm locations.
It means 2 large trucks to move from guwahati, 2 from matkuli and 2 from bhopal, 1 from indore and 1 from amarwara to central point in sohagpur. ( It is more optimised than that but to give a simple view.) Then about 50 mid size trucks (or trips) to redistribute from central landing point and 100 small vehicle trips within the village zones.
It will also involve offloading then reloading as per mix allocated to each land parcel.
– Then the plantation work will involve monitoring of the planting mix because they would be loaded/ offloaded in groups of each type of plants, and not in planting order.
The total labor work is about 10,000 man days work compressed in as short a time around monsoon. Still we wont be able to compress it in less than 50 days.
– Coming to outcome expected, previous year was a good learning curve where we achieved 50 percent survival at the end of the year. Our now capability (subject to maintenance cash flows) is 90 percent suvival but even if any new land achieves 40 plus , it will be good as that means that a solid base to intensify , diversify and propogate is established.
РNext year many things will change. For one we  have the capability to create in house saplings for 50 percent of plants. These are all seed based and a few stems. This can be for as many acres as we expand.
We need more training and mother plants for certain high value plants like gondhraj lemon etc. Coming year I will try to cover at least 80 percent of them. Similar learning curves have been covered in birds and bees. It is showing in our honey collections.
-Finally a parallel work is slowly going on to establish fssai units for toor honey etc packing. Once that is done we will start marketing to enhance committed consumer base.
So given all constraints and goals , it is quite a challenging and fun time. Our Fb and instagram posts will show that in coming weeks and months.
If anyone want to visit , Sept mid onwards will be a good time. If anyone want to participate in work (supervising) on any location , minimum expected is a  week. The work tour period is june last week to july last week.
Any lower period of stay and it will harm us more rather than help.
But it will be quite an experience and worth a visit or work tour.