Update: July 10, 2017

The monsoon has been further delayed. It has hit the state but the temp is high and so are clouds, leading to low precipitation. As of now, it is a bit worrying for normal farmers. But over last few years it has hit only in July latter half (as the temperature cools down as sun goes further south). Thats what is expected now.
Regarding web page for each site updation, please see the link:
Then see the link of your area => sub area (in case of Shahpura and Umaria North and South)
This will be regularly updated by Neetu, with inputs from the field folks. More pics from camera files/old files shall be added in coming week.
Also we have received 90 percent of the plants. The nurseries are now defaulting on their delivery commitment for the specific ones. Sometimes later this month, we will send a person to scout for these all over the areas that have good mother plants. By next year, we will further cut down the dependency for many plants.
Coming to budget extension, delayed monsoon means my estimate for fencing has gone awry. It will add 5 to 10% amount to all estimates sent earlier.
Also another 10% shall seep thru’ due the plant replenishment and increased idle time for some folks as they wait for rain or work slowly as per our instructions.
Just hoping that it rains close to normal levels. That will keep the maintenance estimates intact.