Update : 4 Nov, 2017


The winter hasnt set in yet. It will be causing headaches for specific plants. But we cant do much.
If we water them now, the roots will become exposed to air channels. It a sure recipe for mortality when temperature dips and frost comes. At that point there shouldnt be any air or water channels to roots.
Till now it is quite good in umaria and shahpura area. The main reason is more tough plants.
In kachnari and sohagpur, it is satisfactory. Kachnari has tough plants but its a first time plantation. In sohagpur, we have been ambitious due to tree cover and have taken a higher mix of fragile plants.
In amarwara, it is ok. Plants have a good mix so small and fragile ones will be tested.
The pics frequency is less now because plants grow slowly till monsoon. Not much changes except weather now.
On finance front we have a challenge. Many debts and land owners’ contributions havent materialized despite commitments.
I was supporting the fap from other cash flows but have a personal emergency that has drained all excess cash and the ability to draw from market.
My father has been hospitalized due to dengue, pnemonia and encephalitis for 3 weeks now and may be longer before recovery.
As a result, we are cutting down on staff and extra work wherever possible and not funded by someone explicitly.  I am also prioritizing tasks aggressively for myself and team.
This period is very important from revenue point of view.
The activity in sohagpur for this season will ramp up for next 3 months to take advantage of sales in feb and march i.e. vegetables , poultry etc.
We will also start supplying toor dal and other products (with Fssai ) by next month.
For more info regarding this , please see: www.aranyaani.in
If it goes well, we will be well placed with cash for activities in march onwards till next monsoons.
Finally , this is IMPORTANT.
As you are well aware, farm work and maintenance and farm lease now comes under GST.
In addition, it will now become increasingly difficult to use personal accounts for  farm payments.
Both the above put together means payments will come to Current accounts. To recognise costs against revenues and to apply appropriate GST slab, we need  to put in place Signed stamp paper agreements.
Moving to formal route will have  downside that costs will go up
 E.g. where we pay 4000 via informal route , the Minimum wage as per law is 6500 plus pf.  Similarly,  other costs will get affected.
So our future work budgets / scope will be impacted.  But someday we have to cross that bridge ; will start planning now.