Update: 28 Aug, 2017


The monsoon revived a bit in the last 2 weeks, and rain status is as follows:
Sohagpur – 60% of normal till now. The clouds are heavy now so we expect it to get closer to 80%. The tree cover is heavy so our ability to contain water scarcity problems is high.
Amarwara – 90% of normal
Umaria north / south – 60% of normal . Hoping that next 15 days does some recovery. Else wherever we do not have tree cover, there will be toor loss, and some lemon etc will be lost.
Shahpura – 90% of normal.
Continuing on the previous update, the status of work is as folllows:
Round 1 and 2  and 3 (all places): Plants, stems+seeds and fence respectively
Round 4 (only in sohagpur and amarwara): veggie seeds and plants
Round 5 (only in sohagpur): honey flow sysytem and medicinal herbs – on first experiment basis
Location wise STATUS:
Sohagpur – Round 1 to 3- 100% done.  Round 4 – 50% done- expected completion by october end. Round 5- still in planning mode
Amarwara – Round 1 to 3- 100% done.  Round 4 – 30% (sweet potato saplings started; amaranth done).  expected completion by october end
Umaria north (bharuth, rohaniya, kirantal etc) – Round 1 to 3 : 100% done
Umaria south: 100% done.
Shahpura – Banki- 99% done (minor fence remains), Chati- 100% done, Malpur- 100% , Mudiya – 90% done (part fence and part plants remain)
Expected completion across Shahpura- 5th august.
Kachnari – 90% done. Fence work going on. Expected completion Sept 5th.
So most of our heavy load is over. Finer work goes on.
Regarding the pics upload, the Godaddy server (our host site) has been down for a week. I will WHATSAPP to individual numbers tonite from me cell. Please PING me (9977791778) if you dont get pics.
We also have a team meeting on 6th or 7th september. Thereafter I will publish the responsibility chart. And delegate my works. Now on the status will be updated on a monthly basis.
We also have almost 40% payments due to be made to labor, etc. They have done their part. So wherever the amounts are due to us as per schedule, I will send out mails. Please expedite.