Managed Farm Update Feb 15, 2018

Date : February 15, 2018


Writing as we approach the last month of last year’s planning. From April, our new cycle will start.
It was pretty cold for last month and still that way. In some places, the surface temperature dipped very low in last 2 days due to icy hailstorms all over MP.  This is usual around Mahashivratri each year. I will know the impact in a few days but at most places we had left enough grass cover and dryness post monsoon.
1. eCommerce
An Important Information to share with all you know:
Our Online sales is now fully operational – Please see and share :
Also let folks know about our Free health network: items are literaaly free and very good for health.
Another initiative is to start tracking product back to raw form in Farms, and tagging it so that consumers also know the source. And we push back – processing to that village.
Same will be printed on the product labels..e.g. Lemons for the pickle sourced from C1 : …Farm. Its still in thought mode, but once sales stabilises, that is another Supply chain extension project.
2. Some High points of last one year’s work that will affect each Farm we manage:
a. Poultry back on growth once we got right mix of natural environment:
b. Will be able to produce decent quantity of our own Lemon and Cranberry saplings from mother plants
(Jan 20 post on FB to see the mother plants)
c. Should have enough seeds of papaya for 100 acres
(Fb post in last mail)
d. For the first time, after a 2 year intuitive process, we have been able to get natural honeycombs in Sohagpur and Umaria.
There are many such steps one can see on my FB posts. Also on Aranyaani FB.
The key information is that in each of the above initiatives, we are reaching 1 lac per acre kind of yield, and all of them are non-overlapping on an acre.
It will still take us between 2 to 6 years to replicate everywhere, now its subject to how our inflows go from sales to support such expansion. But that is the direction. I don’t feel any land owner can handle such costs on his/her land because sometimes things have to be reworked many times before getting to sustainable stage, and that costs a lot. Land owners can support us with less risky peripheral activities like large trees/ saplings planting etc. The mortality and iterations there are replaceable at increasingly lower costs each time.
3. Some pending tasks
a. Pending Agreements:
All individual documents are ready now. Wherever pending, you will get mails in next 1 to 2 weeks, and instructions. We will only be doing Email-confirmation of agreements. That will suffice but is necessary before next cycle work on any Farm.
b.  Publishing labor and item rates (for A2 agreements continued from last year)
c. Planning for next cycle work:
As things stand today, we will be somewhat short of funds for monsoon work. The reason is that sales got delayed due to Ecomm issues, and I have to sell every thing / sapling produced in my farm , due to short term debts arising out of father and mother’s heavy bills.
Last year, we didn’t sell the saplings produced in Sohagpur but just charged for transport and planting. Same with many seeds. This year I don’t have that luxury and will give to other nurseries/ govt contract, unless sales suddenly jumps in next 2 months.
Coming to planning:
– Papaya we will replicate in house at bare minimum cost , but only at places where support ecosystems and facs are ready
– Lemon we will have around 2000 sapling replication from existing flowering plants in Umaria and Sohagpur. These will come for almost bare min. cost (expect around 3 to 4 rs). Rest will be done by Govt nursery using Stem replication from our mother plants (expect around rs. 20)
– A majority of the large tree (upto 80%) will be done using seedballs. Some like Peepal will be taken from nurseries.
– We will be buying no-till light tractors and equipments on loan. That will give us ability to increase seedball and toor and turmeric acreage as per our wish (can include all) , though constraint may be operating and seed cost.
Like last time, we will do individual land planning.